Monday, July 1, 2019

I'm Back!

Mrs. WW and I had a great vacation, biking along the Erie Canal and taking a side trip, too.

Here is what we did...
Saturday, June 22 - We arrived in St. Catherines, Ontario the night before. We had visited son #2 in the Detroit area  and it was shorter to get to the canal going through Canada. 

We spent time in the morning riding along the Niagara River to the falls.  We then drove to Lockport, New York. 

We took a boat tour on the canal and went through the Lockport locks.  We were glad we did the tour as it gave us some history and insight on the canal.

Sunday, June 23 - Biked from Lockport to Albion, 30 miles.

The canal was very picturesque.We stopped for lunch in Medina.  In fact, each day we'd stop at a town along the way for lunch.  These old canal towns have historic downtown areas that we'd explore before getting back on our bikes.

Monday, June 24 - Albion to Brockport, 20 miles.  This was a fairly easy day with a lunch stop in Holley.  We always had lunch in a local restaurant, not a fast food chain.  It gave us a little sense of the community.  In Brockport, we saw a movie at the local theater, but did not see any signs of local baseball hero Jim Cosman.

Tuesday, June 25 - Brockport to Pittsford, 30 miles. Though a longer ride, about half of it was on an asphalt trail instead of crushed limestone. We had a tail wind, too.  One wrinkle along the way was a flat tire on Mrs. WW's back tire.  We found a bike shop in Spencerport, but it was closed, the only day of the week they closed.

Instead, I fixed the tire.  We had lunch, and then continued on, good as new.

Wednesday, June 26 - Pittsford to Palmyra - 20 miles.  We staggered the short and longer trips so this was another shorter one.  Our lunch stop was Fairport.

Thursday, June 27 - Palmyra to Newark, 10 miles.  This was our last day on the bike and a short trip.  In Newark we rented a car and drove back to Lockport to get our car.  From there we drove back to Newark to get our bikes and return the rental.  Our original plan was to spend the night in Newark and drive home on Friday.  But I'm a baseball fan and we were in New York, so we decided to extend our trip by a day and head a couple hours further.

Our destination - Cooperstown!  More on that tomorrow.


  1. Looks like fun so far and nice teaser at the end!

  2. I hope you enjoyed the land of Wegman's!

    We often take Route 104, which is just north of your trail, on our trips to Buffalo. It's interesting to see an outsider's view of the areas that are so familiar to me.

  3. Sounds like a blast. Especially the ride on the locks. One of my favorite childhood memories involves taking a ride on a boat going through the locks in Seattle. It was so interesting.