Monday, July 22, 2019

Blog Advantage - Extra Eyes

As a team collector, I try to get all of the cards for each of the major brands.  I rely on online checklists to do this.  I have no problems with the base cards, but sometimes run into trouble with the inserts and variations.

Having this blog helps me with those troubles.  When I show the cards, I have a bunch of extra eyes looking over what I've got.  And if I've made a mistake, the extra eyes will help me out.

This happened last week with the 2019 Topps photo variations. I showed two cards.  However, it turns, out that there are three.  Thank you to Matt for point that out!  I was missing #525, Ryne Sandberg.

His card is in the same slot as Ian Kinsler.  I still have a problem seeing Cubs card variations partnered with non Cubs.


  1. The Trading Card Database has a new feature where you can go to a set, click teams, then click on a specific team, and see all cards in the set, base, parallel and insert, all on one screen.

  2. Not sure if you are being completionist or just looking for player variation SPs, but Darvish, Hamels and Rizzo also have reasonably priced SPs now that they've been out a while. And Rizzo has an additional SSP. A few in Series 1 too, Contreras, Baez, Schwarber and Bryant I think.

  3. I'm skipping the variations of current players... they have one card in the set already. That is good enough for me.

  4. Yeah... it would have been cooler if Sandberg was a variation on Russell or Descalso's base card.