Friday, July 19, 2019

Living Set Jason Heyward

It's been a long time since a Cub has been included in the Living Set.  Kris Bryant's card came out in Week 43.  Last week was week 70 and another Cub finally made the set.  The 27-week drought is more than half a year.

This time the artist did a nice job on the portrait.  That looks exactly as I picture Heyward.  The artwork was good, but the print run was not.  Just 2,573 copies were ordered and made.  It is by far the smaller run of the eight Cubs so far.

5 Ian Happ.... Print run - 3,042
30 Brandon Morrow.... Print run - 5,585
64 Ryne Sandberg.... Print run - 7,212
67 Anthony Rizzo.... Print run - 5,568
83 David Bote.... Print run - 5,345
103 Javier Baez.... Print run - 4,499
127 Kris Bryant.... Print run - 5,361
210 Jason Heyward.... Print run - 2,573


  1. The Heyward has the smallest print run in the entire set to date.