Saturday, July 20, 2019

Hunting Ginter the Old Fashioned Way

Allen and Ginter is an old fashioned set, based on cigarette cards from the 1880's.  And this year, I'm going to have to chase my cards the old fashioned way.

Well, my old fashioned way.

For the past several years I've been spoiled by Brentandbecca.  I could get all my cards for a set from him with one email.  He'd give me a price, which was usually a good deal, and I was good to go.

This year he is not busting Ginter.  He's putting family ahead of business by taking a summer vacation instead.  You can't fault him for that.  But that means I have to get my Ginter my old way, through Ebay.  There's no way to get them all from one seller, and the prices won't be as friendly as Brent's either.

The Cubs checklist consists of 14 cards from the base set, four cards from two insert sets, and 12 relics.

Main Set
16 Kris Bryant
17 Anthony Rizzo
18 Ryne Sandberg
19 Javier Baez
20 Ernie Banks
198 David Bote
232 Willson Contreras
233 Cole Hamels
270 Ben Zobrist
293 Jon Lester
298 Ian Happ
356 Kyle Schwarber SP
371 Yu Darvish SP
392 Sammy Sosa SP

Baseball Star Signs
BSS-29 Kris Bryant
BSS-30 Anthony Rizzo

Ginter Greats
GG-2 Ernie Banks
GG-40 Ryne Sandberg

Full Size Relics
FSRA-IH Ian Happ
FSRA-JB Javier Baez
FSRA-JH Jason Heyward
FSRA-WC Willson Contreras
FSRB-AA Albert Almora
FSRB-AR Anthony Rizzo
FSRB-BZ Ben Zobrist
FSRB-JLE Jon Lester
FSRB-KB Kris Bryant
FSRB-KS Kyle Schwarber

Framed Mini Relics
MFR-AD Andre Dawson
MFR-KB Kris Bryant

I was able to get all of the cards, but I had to use seven different sellers.  That added a huge chunk to the final price.  Now I just play the postal waiting game.  I'll get things posted as soon as I've got all the cards.

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  1. That's cool that they have so many current Cubs in the full size relic set. Kinda makes me want to see how many A's there are on the checklist.