Wednesday, April 22, 2020

2002 Vintage Cubs

Since Upper Deck wasn't using their own past designs for Vintage, they were free to pick and choose whatever they wanted.  They were not bound by chronological order, so they skipped ahead from last year's 1963 Topps to 1971 Topps.  They gave us 2020 Heritage 18 years early... sort of.


Moving the labeling from the top of the card to the bottom doesn't really hide the fact that they stole the 1971 Topps look.  UD also replaced the dot between the name and position with a diamond.  But otherwise, more flattery for Topps from Upper Deck.






  1. i always thought that UD's argument was that they were imitating o-pee-chee (the backs of these cards were yellow like the 1971 o-pee-chee cards), but UD didn't own the o-pee-chee license until later in the decade. Wonder why it took Topps so long to get this squashed.

  2. The more I see the '71 design, Topps or UD, the more it is growing on me.

  3. Was the 2 Home Run Leaders card some sort or error / correction thing?