Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Comparing the Flagship, Factory Team Set, and Opening Day

Le'ts do a little comparing today.  Thus far, we have cards in series one, Opening Day, and the Team Sets all sharing the same design.

A total of 20 different Cubs players have been featured between the three sets.

I've got all 20 below in three columns.  From left to right we have series one, the team set, and Opening Day.  You can who got cards in which sets.

Six players showed up in all three, seven were in two of the three, and seven have just one card.


  1. This post makes me sad.
    How can we have only one card company with a MLB license? I don't know if we should consider the team sets to be a "different" set, but OD certainly is and has the parallels and inserts to prove it. I know this isn't anything new to 2020, but three sets with the same design and same pictures? Ugh.

  2. It'll be interesting to see if any players in the team set are exclusive to the team set.

    1. Maybe Castellanos since he's a Cincinnati Red now...