Friday, August 14, 2020

1982 All-Star Game Program Cubs

 Here's the 1982 cards from the All-Star Game program...



...and their bilingual too.  The 1982 game was held in Montreal, so we get the positions in both French and English.

I'm not sure why the program included lanceurs, since they were not voted onto the team by the fans.  I'm even more puzzled at the inclusion on Randy Martz.  He was 4-6 through mid-June and then missed a month due to a strained right shoulder.

The backs are bilingual also and the extra lines took up any space for a small write up on the players. 

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  1. Cool. Didn't realize they did these for a bunch of seasons. I bought the 1984 MLB All-Star Game program to get the Gwynn, but I'll have to check out which ones have Rickey now.