Friday, August 28, 2020

2003 Kanebo Cubs - The 2002 Editions

 I'll have the Kanebo Cubs to show over the next two days.

Kanebo is a Japanese company and I've never heard of them.  I guess that they are a cosmetics company.  That seems like an odd match for baseball cards.

Whatever they sell, they combined with Topps to produce two different sets of cards in 2003.

The first set has 54 cards.  The fronts mimic the 2002 Topps design while the backs have some uniquely Japanese features.  Just one Cub, Sammy Sosa, was in the set.

You can see how the back does not look the same as the regular 2002 cards.  And now I now what "Cubs" looks like in Japanese.

Cubs = カブス

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