Monday, August 17, 2020

Wave 2 Cubs From 2020 T206

 Like Topps Total, T206 comes out in waves.  The second wave was released in June and ended with a print run of 33,914 packs.  Each pack has eight base cards, so that means 271,312 base cards  were printed.  Divide that among the 50 cards on the checklist and it gives you 5,426 copies of each card (assuming that there aren't any short prints).

Just one card in the second wave belongs to a Cub.

Schwarber and Lester, who was in the first wave, are the only Cubs so far.  The checklist for the third wave is out and it is made up with prospects only.  I've got the card for the lone Cubs prospect ordered but it hasn't come yet

With two more waves to go, will we see a card for Rizzo, Bryant, Baez, or Darvish?  How about Nico Hoerner or, God-forbid, Robel Garcia?

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