Saturday, August 1, 2020

2020 Diamond Kings Cubs

The Panini-resurrected Diamond Kings set is back for the sixth consecutive year.  As in the past, the set includes both current and retired players.  It is also logoless, which means that it will never look right, no matter how hard Panini tries.



These five Cubs are the active players in the 170-card set.


Four more retired Cubs are also included.  Notice how there are two cards for Billy Williams.  The second card isn't a photo variation.  Billy has two actual cards, #43 and #121.  The 121 card is among the short-prints.  Billy is the only player with both a base and SP card.  My guess is that is a mistake.  Someone forgot to double-check the checklist.

Night Owl posted earlier in the week about Panini reusing pictures in DK from year to year.  


Hack Wilson is the only repeat among the four retired Cubs. His picture was also used in 2017 and 2018.


  1. I knew that Hack Wilson picture looked familiar. Such a boring set to begin with, then they repeat photos which doesn't help.

  2. Two Billy cards? I know that probably makes you happy, but I wish we could have added someone else... Stan Hack would have been my first choice. I wish some of the lesser known Cubs standouts would get more cardboard.