Monday, August 10, 2020

2020 Cubs Media Guide

This is the cover of the Cubs 2020 media guide.  I wasn't even sure if they'd print one this year, but they obviously did.  I'm sure the print run was reduced since they won't be selling any at Wrigley Field this year.

The cover features five players and it even has an explanation as to why they are on the cover.  These are the longest-tenured players on the team.

The back is a sad reminder of what the season was supposed to be.
This is the second page in the book and has a list of all of the Cubs players that died in 2019.  Several of these guys had little more than a cup of coffee with the Cubs.  Not to be callous, but it seems a little over the top to me to memorialize Don Larsen for his three games with the Cubs or Jake Jaeckel, who pitched in four games.

This page has baseball cards for the different members of the Marquee Sports Network team.  It would be cool if they actually made the cards.  I looked on Ebay for them, but didn't find any listings, so I assume that the page mockup is all that was done.

My collection of roster books / media guides runs from the first roster book in 1958 through this year media guide.  

Here's all 63 of them on my desk.

And here are the covers from each of the seasons.



  1. I don't have the Marquee Network, so this is my first time getting a look at their crew of former players working for them. They have a nice group.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sweet collection of roster books & media guides. Shame those cards weren't actually printed. They would have made a really cool oddball issue.