Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Topps Now Turn Back the Clock Billy Williams

Topps has been putting out daily Turn Back the Clock cards since last March.  I haven't gotten all of the Cubs cards, but a few of them are for players that I collect, so I  went ahead and bought them.

This is the card from July 11.  Billy had a pretty decent day, going 8 for 8 in a doubleheader against the Astros.  He had three hits in the first game and added the other five in game two as the Cubs won both games.  The eight hits raised his batting average 18 points, from .310 to .328.  The Hall of Fame as an in-depth article on Billy's day here.

Topps gets their photos from Getty Images.  I did a search on their website for this picture and found it.  It was taken on September 1, 1973.  Bummer that there wasn't a picture available from July 11, 1972.


  1. Yeah, I was wondering about that photo. He looks like he hit an infield pop-up on that one, which certainly wouldn't have helped him get to 8 for 8 on the day.

  2. I'm surprised Topps at least chose a photo of Williams in a home jersey.

    Note...the Cubs lost the first game of the double header 6 to 5.