Wednesday, October 5, 2022

2022 Cubs #62-64

I'm back!
We had another nice couple of weeks at Camp Arcadia and then a nice visit with #2 son and his wife in Austin, Texas.

The Cubs made a few more roster additions while I was away and now their player total is up to 64.  It looks like that is where it will end, so no new record this year.

Adbert Alzolay came off the disabled list on September 17 and has made a few appearances.  He's looked good in three of them and was hit hard in two.  His card comes from Topps series two.

Esteban Quiroz is a 30-year-old rookie, making his MLB debut on September 17.  He's played in 12 games and has a batting average of .286.

The Cubs drafted Jared Young in 2017 and he began his major league career on September 16.  He was sent back to Iowa when they had just one game left.  He drove to Des Moines and hit a home run in that final game.

The 64 Cubs made up a perfect 8 x 8 mosaic.

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