Friday, October 7, 2022

Wrapping Up the 2022 Cubs

 The Cubs 2022 season wrapped up on Wednesday with a win, their 74th, against 88 losses.  Oddly, it is the first time since the advent of the 162 game season in 1962 that they finished with 74 wins.

They showed some definite improved after the All Star break, posting a record of 39-31.  It was a better record than four teams that are in the post-season.  Their starting pitching was especially good, with the third best ERA since the break.  That is reason for cautious optimism.

There were 64 players that took the field in Cubbie blue this year, five fewer than last year's MLB record.  In fact, there were three teams that fielded more players than the Cubs (Pirates, Reds, and Angels) and the 68 Pirates were one short of the Cubs record.

The Cubs did tie a record by sending 42 different pitchers to the mound, so at least there is that.

I put together a GIF showing the cards of all 64 of the 2022 Cubs.  Just eight of the cards were made by Topps.  I had to create the other 56.  How crazy is that, only12½% of the Cubs players this year have an actual Topps card.  Hopefully that percentage will change when the Update set comes out.

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