Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Wrapping Up The 2022 Flagship Base Cards

  I can wrap up the 2022 flagship set now that I have Update in hand.  I'll have the base set recap today, the inserts on tomorrow, and I'll put them all together on Thursday.

The Cubs netted a total of 32 base cards.  Its up by one over last year, but a much smaller number compared to the five or six year before that.  Of course the Cubs win total was also much a much smaller number compared the the glory days of the late 2010s.

Among the 32 cards, there are...
  • 25 vertical layout
  • only 7 with a horizontal layout... good for me because I prefer the verticals
  • 1 team card
  • 1 combo / checklist card
  • 1 Rookie cards
  • 0 League Leaders
  • 30 different players, including 2 HOF photo variations
  • 12 of the 28 modern players are on the Cubs 40 man roster today
  • 16 no longer on the roster
  • 3 players that never played an inning for the 2022 Cubs.
  • 21 pictures taken at Wrigley Field
  • 12 pictures on the road
  • 5 pictures of the nasty City Connect uniforms

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