Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kimball Complete Part 2

The first batch of Series 2 cards have already started arriving. I bought these on Friday night and had them by Monday afternoon. Yea USPS!

I really like this next group of Kimball Champions, even more than the first set. The reason: all fifty cards are of players from the past. There isn't a single current player among the group. The first group had 46 current players out of 50. I guess I'd much rather have an Ernie Banks than a Marlon Byrd.

Speaking of Ernie, he is one of two Cubs that were included.

Ryno was the other. I don't know if Topps did it on purpose, but Sandberg's card is #84 and his MVP season was 1984.

Since I know you'd probably like to see more than just Cubs, here are all fifty cards. Click on a picture to get a better look at the cards. Enjoy!


  1. I really love this set and I'm chasing it down. Silly question maybe but where do you find mini sleeves and/or how do you personally display this set? Curious. Thanks.

  2. I keep my cards in 20 card sheets, which I got on ebay. I keep the cards in the back of the 2011 base set binder.