Friday, June 17, 2011

Topps 2011 Series 2 Cubs

My mailman has been earning his keep the past couple days as an avalanche of bubble mailers has arrived at WW World Headquarters. You can expect to see lots of series 2 cards over the next several days.

Today I've got the base cards. There are 12 Cubs cards, to go with the 11 from series one.

The big names that were missing from series one are here in 2: Zambrano, Soriano, Soto, and Fukudome.

Starlin Castro's Rookie Cup card showed up too. I still don't understand why Topps felt the need to give him two different cards, especially in a set of only 660 cards. I wish they saved the slot for another player. Specifically, I would have loved to see Sean Marshall get a base card. He's been in the update set for the past four seasons, and it looks like 2011 will be #5.

Rookie Darwin Barney makes his Topps debut. The weird thing on the card is that it lists Barney as a shortstop. This season he has played a total of 18 innings at short and nearly 500 at second.

Extra infielders Blake DeWitt and Jeff Baker both got cards, and a seat on the bench compliments of Darwin Barney.

Starters Matt Garza, photoshopped, and Randy Wells made the cut.... did relievers Marcos Mateo and Jeff Samardzija. Really Topps, Sean Marshall is much better than either of these two; why no love for him??

More from Series 2 tomorrow

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  1. Carlos Pena made the factory team set but wasn't included in the base set? He and Marshall should both be in the base set. The series 2 Garza photoshop job is better than the factory team set job. I'm glad they found a way to work Darwin in!