Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Special Topps 2011 1/1

Today I've got a special 1/1 card, and its not even a Cub! Worse, its a Tiger. Here in SW Michigan, it's pretty lonely being a Cubs fan. Pretty much everyone else is a Tigers fan, so I get sick of hearing about the them.

But in an ironic twist, WW Jr.'s little league team is the Tigers. So for a couple hours, twice a week, I cheer for the Tigers. Last week the team pictures arrived and I went to work making his 2011 card. You'll notice that the photographer got a little creative with the pose.

Last year the Tigers swept through the season undefeated. But this year, with their top four players moving up to the next level, its been more of a struggle. They lost three of their first four, but then started figuring things out and won seven of their next eight. They split their final two, ending the regular season at 9-5. The playoffs begin on Monday.

For you history buffs, here are WW Jr's cards from 2009 and 2010

Go Tigers!!


  1. I've got his rookie card!!!

    I wonder what it books for nowadays...... ;)

  2. Awesome work by you and Sean!