Monday, June 6, 2011

Old, Oddball Ernie Banks

Today I've got a couple of older Ernie Banks card that I recently picked up. Both are from lesser known sets.

This is from the Post Cereal 1962 set. There were 200 cards in the set, with the cards in panels of five to seven on the backs of Post cereal boxes. Post put out sets from 1961-1963. This is my first card from any of the three years. There are a total of 28 Cubs cards and some day I'll probably go after all of them. For now I'm just looking to pick up Ernie Banks and Billy Williams.

Here is a real oddball. This is from Transogram 1970. I never heard of this one until I saw the card pop up on Ebay. The card is from the back of a box that held three small toy figures. The Ernie Banks box also included Juan Marichal and Joe Torre.

This is what the box looks like. There is a BIN for $175 and another for $325, which means I am going to be happy with just the card I've got.

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