Saturday, June 18, 2011

Series 2 SPs

These things can get a bit pricey, so I'm glad there weren't too many Cubs to chase down.

Ryne Sandberg is the Cubs SP variation. Topps gave the card #405. Too bad, because the regular #405 is the Ranger's Ian Kinsler. There is second base symmetry, but Kinsler isn't on the Cubs! They should have paired Sandberg up with Darwin Barney.

Topps also released Platinum Diamond Anniversary cards of the SPs in series 2....

...and threw in the series 1 variations too. Ernie was in series 1 and Topps paired his card number up with Starlin Castro. Nice touch.

This is the only Cubs sparkle version in series two, Alfonso Soriano. In case you can't find the sparkle, it's on his left glove.

Relics tomorrow!


  1. what are the odds of pulling the sparkle variation? i feel like i've bought a bunch of packs (including 2 hobby boxes) but i haven't seen one...

    just curious...

  2. From what I've read, they are falling 1-2 per case....not great odds.

  3. how much are they on the "market?" i don't see any on ebay at the moment...

  4. Here are three Soriano cards on Ebay right now...and I paid much less than those BIN prices.