Monday, June 20, 2011

Topps 2011 Series 2 Autographs

Topps had three Cubs autographs to chase, and two of the three were worth getting.

Starlin Castro, this is my second Castro autograph card, as he had an autograph in last year's update set. I'm glad to have the second one, and will be happy to stop at two.

Carlos Pena, the Cubs new first baseman. You may have noticed that he was missing from series 2 (and series 1 also), though he did have a card in Heritage, Gypsy Queen, and the factory team set. I'm sure he will show up in the update set. By the way, this is a photoshop job and for some reason, Topps put a stripe on the pants, a stripe that the Cubs don't have.

Andrew Cashner, I'm sure with would mean more to me if the guy pitched in more than one game this season before landing on the DL. Like Castro, he also had a card in last year's update set, so I'm done with him now, too.

Tomorrow, the Platinum Diamond Anniversary cards.

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