Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shiny, Sparkly Series 2

I liked these when they first came out in Series 1 and I still like them in Series 2. I rarely if ever collect parallels, but these seem to go beyond the usual different-colored border parallels. I just hope that Topps doesn't try to do something like this again next year, just because of the success this year.

It wasn't too difficult to get the 12 Cubs from Series 2. One seller had nine of them, so that saved a bundle on shipping. It took two more sellers to get the final three and in less than a week from when I bought them, I had them in hand, scanned, and logged into the master spreadsheet.

A technical note: these are larger JPEG files that the regular cards. In fact they are almost double the size. I would guess that's because the sparklies make the files a bit more intense. My regular scans are around 50KB each; these were 90-100 KB.


Tomorrow: leather and patches

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