Monday, June 27, 2011

The Rest of Series 2

I've got a few more cards left from Series Two.

This is the 60 Years of Topps card, from 1968, of Ernie Banks. This is the second time this year that Topps has highlighted the 1968 Cubs (the manufactured patch was the first). It still makes no sense. And 1968 was a pretty non-descript season for Mr. Cub. He hit only .246 but I guess his 32 homers was somewhat noteworthy.

For comparison sake, here is the original 1968 card on the left, and the 60YOT card on the right.

The most notable different is the word "Cubs." The words are longer and stretched out on the 1968 card, shorter and bolder on the 2011 version.

Up next are the base cards from the Topps60 insert set. The lame stat that is featured on the card is the same one that is on the relic card version for each player, so there is no need to re-hash it. Three Cubs made the checklist, up from only one in the first series.

And finally, there was one Cubs player....

.... in the ToppsTown set.

And that, my friends, it all she wrote for Series 2!


  1. Wow. They even used the wrong grain of fabric, the Series 1 grain. And they cropped what appears to be Clarence Jones.

  2. Topps still can't their own reprints right...