Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TCMA All Time Cubs Side by Side by Side

Now that I've gotten through all three of the TCMA All Time Cubs sets, I thought it would be interesting to see the cards next to each other. We'll be able to see just how many pictures, if any, TCMA recycled.

Each different pictures will get a point. If they did it right, TCMA should end up with 36 points, 3 points per player times 12 players.

Charlie Grimm: Two different pictures +2

Rogers Hornsby: The same picture on all three cards +1

Billy Herman: Three different pictures! +3

Ernie Banks: Two different pictures +2

Ron Santo: Two different pictures +2

Billy Williams: Two different pictures +2

Hack Wilson: Two different pictures +2

Kiki Cuyler: Three different pictures...though points should be subtracted for showing him in a Reds uniform...+3

Gabby Hartnett: Three different pictures! +3

Charlie Root: Two different pictures +2

Emil Kush: The same picture on all three +1

Larry French: Three different pictures +3

So a check of the results shows that TCMA ends up with 26 points out of 36. That's too many repeats!

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  1. Very interesting! I'll bet the same thing can be done with 1954-1956 Topps