Sunday, June 19, 2011

Topps Series 2 Relics

Remember how I said I wasn't going to buy these this year, and then I caved and got all the Series 1? Well, I couldn't just have the Series 1 without the Series 2, so I didn't even pretend that I wouldn't buy them. I was on the prowl as soon as Series 2 was released.

Topps went nuts with the Cubs, and put out relic cards for nine players, including six that already had relics in Series 1. That just seems crazy. These things are becoming too common, and I will have no problem skipping them next year. I can have just so many Kosuke Fukudome jersey cards before they mean nothing to me anymore. Luckily I found one seller that had seven of the nine in a single lot, so that eased the pain.

As with series one, there is a lame stat featured on each card, and I'll highlight that for you.

Marlon Byrd (second card), 2010 NL Average Leaders vs. Left Handed Pitchers....Byrd led the NL with a .357 average!

Starlin Castro (second card), 2010 NL Average Leaders at Home.... Castro was fourth

Tyler Colvin (second card, though a bat this time instead of a jersey), Most Home Runs Hit at Wrigley Field...Colvin was fourth. I would be really impressed with this card if the bat was

this one.

Ryan Dempster, Most NL Strikeouts, 2008-2010...Dempster was fifth

Carlos Marmol (second card), Most 2010 MLB Games Finished....Marmol was first!!

Aramis Ramirez (second card), Most Career Three-Homer Games, Active Players....Ramirez is tied for first with A-Rod and Pujols.

Alfonso Soriano, Most Home Runs as a Left Fielder, 2006-2010...Soriano was first!

Geovany Soto (second card), 2010 NL Slugging Leaders from #7 Spot in Order...Soto was first! And this wins the award as the lamest category.

Randy Wells, 2010 MLB July ERA Leaders...Wells was eighth in the second-lamest category.


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