Friday, July 20, 2012

Just A Little Ginter

Most of my Allen and Ginter is coming from Brentandbecca and unfortunately the package hasn't arrived yet.  That's disappointing for me because I'm heading out of town today and will be gone with the family for ten days on vacation.  Vacation's not disappointing, not seeing the cards before we leave is.

We're loading up the Family Truckster and heading east to the beach.  My toes will be in the sand and my Ginter will be in the post office.  I've waited tens days since it's release; what's ten more days?

There were two SP Cubs relics that Brent didn't pull.  Hard to image that after busting 30 cases he'd come up empty on anything, but he did.  That meant I had to get two cards the old fashioned way, sniping on Ebay.  I did that last weekend and both cards have already arrived.

Starlin Castro's card is a nice home jersey with a pinstripe.  I always like to get a pinstripe on the card if possible.

The other Cubs SP relic is this bat card of Ryne Sandberg.  

These two are going to have to hold me until I get back from vacation.  I've got posts scheduled each day, so the blog will continue as usual.  I'll also have my laptop and internet access.....I need to stay connected!