Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Five Year Review of the Topps Stickers Sets

With five years now under their belt, let's look at what been done with the stickers during that span.

Starlin Castro is the only Cub player to have a sticker in each of the five sets, so I'll use his stickers to look at the run.

The design is color-matched to the team's colors, which explains the red and blue across the board.  The stickers are marketed towards a younger crowd, so I think that is why Topps has kept the designs fairly simple.  I've always tended to like the simpler designs, and I would have no problem seeing any of these used for the base set.

Topps has stuck the Cubs and Sox together that past three years.   If they are going to continue to do that, they need to give the Cubs top billing every other year.  Enough of this Sox on top nonsense.

Retired players started showing up in the Cubs sets in 2013.  Being the creative folks that they are, Topps has given us...

Ernie Banks³.  You can move on to another Cub hall of famer any time now.

Let's end with a view of all five year's worth of stickers.  It's a bit small, but you can see all of a season's stickers in one row.

Here's a little better look, 

with each year getting two rows instead of one.


  1. That's my first glance at the stickers from 2015... the design reminds me a little of last year's Bowman, which isn't a bad thing in my eyes. My favorite is still the 2011 though.

  2. I haven't really picked up the stickers because I don't know how to store them. I guess you can get the pages that were made for mini cards, but I can't find them in any of my LCS.