Monday, March 9, 2015

Added Another 2014 Barney, But...

...not the one I really wanted.

I thought my Barney 2014 rainbow was down to needing just one card, the clear acetate version.  Unfortunately, I'm still waiting on that one.

Fortunately, I did find one I wasn't really going after...

...the black mini version.   These are /5 and I didn't think I'd have a shot at one.  But this one popped up with a reasonable BIN/BO.  I put in an offer and it got accepted almost immediately.  Mine is 1/5 and some sellers hold out for a higher price on #1.  My seller didn't.

This makes Barney #24.

I'm still waiting for just one more...unless I can get my hands on another cheap /5.

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