Thursday, March 26, 2015

Getting Into the Tribute Fiasco

My Opening Day cards were supposed to be here on Tuesday.  This is what the post office says as of Wednesday night...

....arriving on Tuesday still.  I hope the USPS has a time machine.  I hope my cards make it out of Florida!

In the meantime I've got a 2015 Topps Tribute card to show.

I'm assuming that most of you know about the Tribute fiasco.  The high-end $280 per box of six packs set had quality control issues and many of the autographs on the cards ended up smeared.  Topps decided to recall the product, an unprecedented move  by them.

Though many dealers and collectors were sending their cards back, others continued to sell.  I figured I'd try to snag a few for my player collections, not knowing what would happen.

This Ryne Sandberg relic green is 035/150.  With boxes of the product going back to Topps, maybe a 2015 Tribute /150 card will be more scarce than other /150s.  Three of these (including mine) have been sold and three more are currently listed.   Only six out of 150 seem like a pretty small number.

Anyone else getting Tribute?


  1. I will say I went on eBay after reading the announcement to see what was out there for Tribute. There was only one player (Rod Carew) that was thinking about adding to my collection, so I am not in much of a hurry to pull the trigger on anything. The ones that made it through undamaged look pretty cool - I like the Sandberg you have there, for instance.

  2. They look nice, but way out of my price range.