Saturday, March 14, 2015

One More Rub-Off

I had to make one more rub-off.

I got to see Ferrell play with the Cubs on Thursday because the game was on MLB network.

After spending a half inning in the outfield for the Angels, he switched over to the Cubs.  Joe Maddon kept him busy.  He spent a half-inning coaching third base, an inning that saw the Cubs score five runs.  Bring him back again!

Maddon then went off-script and gave Ferrell an at-bat.  He took two called strikes before whiffing on the third pitch.  From there he went on to play first base for just one hitter.  After that he was on to the next ballpark.

It was an interesting stuff he pulled off, and it raised quite a bit of money.  I just hope that this doesn't  become a thing for other celebrities / causes.

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