Tuesday, September 13, 2016

20 + 90 = Good

Cubs shortstop Addison Russell has reached 20 home runs and 90 RBIs.  He is having a very good season.

The last time a Cubs shortstop reached both 20 HRs and 90 RBIs was Ernie Banks in 1960.  He had a very good career.

Addison will never reach the power numbers of Mr. Cub, but Ernie never had the glove that Russell does. They are two different players, but they are both good players.

At just 22 years old, Russell will only get better.  I'm looking forward to that.


  1. As quiet a 90 RBI season as you'll see. His awesomeness is sneaking up on people.

    1. I was just having a conversation with a friend about how quiet his great season has been.

  2. His 90 RBIs are pretty nice, but I think I heard on a recent telecast that Addison leads MLB with the highest percentage of at-bats with a runner in scoring position. The guys in front of him have been doing a nice job of getting on base!