Friday, September 23, 2016

97 and Counting

Last year the Cubs won 97 games.  It was quite a shock since they had just 73 victories the year before.  But it was also a  very pleasant shock.

At the start of this season I was hoping that they would match their 2015 total, but was firguring that they'd actuallly come in around 94 or 95.

Boy was I wrong.

On Wednesday they won their 97th game, equallying last year.  But there are still ten more games to go.  Even a 5-5 record would give them 102 wins for the year.

The franchise has cracked the century mark just five times and the most recent was 1935.  You could say that they are due.  

This is just another of the many "first time in xxxy years" event.  The big question --- will they do something that hasn't been done since 1908??


No Cub has ever worn #97, so I've got a 9 and a 7

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