Saturday, September 3, 2016

2016 Bunt Insert Cubs

2016 Bunt added four non-numbered insert sets and Cubs were included in all but Unique Unis

Kyle Schwarber is in the Future of the Franchise set.  He's good, but shouldn't it really be Kris Bryant?  The back of the card talks about him recovering from his knee surgery, so we know the set was put together after he got hurt.

Three Cubs made the Lightforce set.  The picture on the Rizzo card is from this year, again showing that these were made after the start of the season.

Bryant was in the Program set.  I like the fake UPC code on the fake magazine cover.  The number on the code is 00123456789.  Brentandbecca tweeted that some of his buyers were disappointed because they thought they were getting an actual program.


  1. From the scans on the blogs I could see why people were confused and thought they were actually receiving a program. Topps did a great job with that particular insert.

  2. I don't remember who said it somewhere else (Tony B?) but an old school collect-a-books style card for the program would have been pretty cool.