Friday, September 2, 2016

2016 Topps Bunt Cubs

The replacement set of Topps Bunt has arrived safely.  No word on what happened to the originals.  I did tell Brent that if they ever show up at my house, I'll send them immediately to him.

The digital Bunt cards are of no interest to me.  My collection is cardboard, not computer bytes. The cardboard Bunt cards, those I'll collect.

This first-year issue of Bunt has a checklist of 200 cards.  Of those, ten are Cubs.


Ryno and Andre Dawson are the non-active Cubs.

There's big news with the eight current Cubs in Bunt.....Carl Edwards is not one of them!!



  1. No Edwards. Does it even officially count as a 2016 Cubs team set then?

  2. how far in advance do they make cards? I love Schwarber but there are others that should be included this late in the season!

  3. Topps had plenty of time on this one...I;m surprised that they didn't replace Schwarber with Edwards!

  4. Schwarber is the money grab. Adds to the chase, and possibly was part of a quota to get him into as many sets as possible given his popularity after last season. But it really should have been either Dexter Fowler, Kyle Hendricks, or depending on when these were mocked up, Chapman.