Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bowman Review Ten Years Later

Bowman touts itself as the set of the prospects.  Today I thought I'd take a look at the Bowman Cubs prospects from ten years ago.  Did any of them make the major leagues?  Are any of them still playing?

There are several Bowman sets and inserts to look at from 2006.  Let's start with the Prospects cards from the base set.

Raul Valdez...Make it to the majors?  Yes, with the Mets in 2010....also pitched for the Cardinals, Phillies, Yankees, and Astros.   Still Active?  No longer in the majors, currently in the Japanese league

Mark Reed  Make it to the majors?  No, peaked with in AAA in 2012  Still Active?  No, career ended in 2012.

From the Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects set...

Angel Guzman Make it to the majors?   Yes, 86 games with the Cubs between 2006 and 2009  Still Active? No, last pitched in the Dodger chain in 2012.

Sean Marshall  Make it to the majors? Yes, in fact he was already a major leaguer when the card was issued, and that back of the card makes mention of that.    Still Active?  Hasn't really recovered from shoulder surgery in 2014.  Was a free agent after the 2015 season and didn't hook up with any team.  Looks like the end of the line.

Tyler Colvin  Make it to the majors?  Yes, and had a nice rookie season with the Cubs in 2010.  Then the bottom fell out.  Also played for the Rockies and Giants.  Still Active? Barely...as he spent the 2016 season playing independent ball in Long Island

Eric Patterson  Make it to the majors?  Yes, 226 games with the Cubs, A's Red Sox, and Padres.   Still Active?  Nope, didn't play this year after being in independent ball the previous two years.


  1. Good post and fun to look back. Not the most inspiring group, is it?

  2. I'd like to defend the independent Atlantic League's Long Island Ducks from any misinterpretation of the Tyler Colvin assessment... The fact that he played for the Ducks in 2016 does not, by itself, qualify him as "barely active". The Atlantic League can be compared to AAA in terms of talent level and facilities, and is often used by veteran players who are just looking for a chance to reestablish themselves. Rich Hill and Scott Kazmir are among the players who made it back to the Majors after playing in the Atlantic League.

    However, if the "barely" assessment was based on Colvin's statistics with the Ducks... well... I won't argue that point.

  3. Not the most inspiring group; but, only one that didn't make the majors? That's not bad for a Bowman set.

  4. Hate it for Marshall. I actually liked that guy and he seemed to be blossoming with Cincinnati for a time.

  5. What's the card worth rual Val....signed 1st Bowman card b 90