Saturday, May 6, 2017

2017 Bowman Prospects Cubs

In addition to the base set, as usual, Bowman has a prospect set.  There are 150 prospects and the checklist included the perfect number of Cubs, five (because 150 ÷ 30 teams = 5).

Also, per usual, there is a chrome version for each prospect.






Eloy Jimenez is the most highly touted of the five.  However, a shoulder injury has kept him off the field so far this season.  Of the others, Cease is in low A ball,   De La Cruz is in High A, Zagunis is in AAA and Dewees is not even with the Cubs any more, being trade to the Royals in February.


  1. That's so odd they would include Dewees but not Happ or Candelario who I believe are among Cubs top prospects. Plenty of lead time on the Dewees trade.

    1. Yeah... I would have enjoyed having another Candelario card to chase.