Wednesday, May 17, 2017

2017 Scorecard Cover

My scorecard collection has grown by one.

This is the scorecard from the opening series against the Dodgers.  I believe that the picture was taken either at Wrigley Field just before the players loaded up on the buses for the World Series parade or at Grant Park after the rally.  The cover is a great way to remember the championship.

As they've done for the past few years now, the cover changes with each series.  That means that there are 25+ different covers each year.  I wish they'd do away with this and just have one cover for the entire season.  I doubt that will happen.

My scorecard collection now includes 72 years worth of cards.  They fit nicely into a 9 x 8 tile.  Take a look....


  1. This is onstage at the end of the Grant Park ceremony.

  2. Great photo selection! And awesome collection!

    Do these fit in an 8x10/magazine sleeve in a binder? Or do you store them in a box?

    1. The cards are standard letter size, so I just use the basic page protectors you get at Office Max or Staples