Friday, May 5, 2017


For 3½ year Darwin Barney and Starlin Castro were the Cubs keystone combo.  They played well  together and seemed to like one another.

Topps Sterling put out this combo relic card of the pair in 2012.

But all good things must come to an end.  Barney was traded during the 2014 season and Castro went to the Yankees after 2015.

Theyv'e both settled into the AL East with the Yanks and Blue Jays, so they'll see each other 19 or so times a season.  One of those times was on Wednesday.  This picture is making the rounds.

Cubbie love never goes away!


  1. That picture makes me much happier than a grown person should be. For all the crap they put up with during the rebuild, they almost deserve rings of their own for helping to develop the team.

  2. The two comments above echo my thoughts exactly. Five years ago, I optimistically thought these guys could have been a Dunston/Sandberg or even a Trammell/Whitaker caliber duo.

    I still have fond memories of those terrible teams from a few years ago as that was the Cubs product on the field when I re-entered the hobby and took up making customs. I know a lot of Cubs fans were often times frustrated with Castro's play towards the end of his Cubs tenure (myself included) but when you think back on everything he had to put up with during the rebuild as the face of the franchise...yikes!