Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Which is the 30 year old?

There are a lot of players on cards from the 1960s that look years beyond their actual age.

Jimmie Schaffer was born in 1936.  The card is from 1963, so the picture is probably from 1962,  Schaffer would have been 26 years old.  He looks 40.

Ernie Broglio was born in 1935 and the picture on the card is from 1964.  The guy was just 29.  He too looks 40.

Born in the Depression, kids during the war.  Did stressful times age them prematurely?

Because kids from the 50's and 60's don't have that same look.  Tom Veryzer was 30 when this picture was taken.  He looks like he's 12 and should be playing with the Bad News Bears.


  1. He does look like a Bad News Bear. Good catch.

  2. I feel like I can't estimate age anymore. Guys my age ("Grandpa" Rossy) are retired!! At the same time, guys like Anthony Rizzo or Kris Bryant could be mistaken for older than me.

  3. Great post. I remember back in the 80's thinking that Phil Niekro five or six years younger than my dad... but he looked at least ten years older than him.