Friday, May 19, 2017

2017 Bunt Inserts

2017 Topps Bunt comes with several insert sets.  There are three sets that are /99 - Galaxy, Splatter, and Vapor.  I don't mess around with the numbered ones.  I'm strickly a regular insert guy.

Each of the three regular insert sets have some Cubs


Bryant and Rizzo are in the Infinite set.  These are interesting looking cards, with a faded player picture on top of an outside view of Wrigley Field.

Lackey and Lester have  cards in the Perspectives set.  I always find it a little odd when a player has a card in an insert set, but not the base set, which is what happened with John Lackey.  The guy doens't make the cut with a 200 card list, but is included in a set of just 20.


The Program set has both Bryant and Hendricks.  It's nice to see Kyle Hendricks included in a few inserts.  The poor program is torn in the corners.  I wouldn't include it in my collection!

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  1. I have to admit, with the Topps Bunt set, the inserts to seem to look a little different than the norm. Those Infinite cards I could see being spun into maddening levels of parallel versions because of the tint, but I like how Wrigley is intertwined into the card. And the program cards, while your point is well taken, does look different and offer a variable perspective. The set with Lackey and Lester doesn't look right for some reason.