Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Worst Cubs Rookie Card

Here is the flipside to yesterday's post.

Coming up with the Cubs worst rookie card is a little harder because the Cubs have had more than their share of flops.  The holy grail would be a card with all of the players never making it to the majors.  Somehow, the Cubs avoided that.  Here are the three with the fewest total number of major league games played.

55 Games total - Ott, 32 and Warner, 33 

This card has special meaning to about it here

22 games total - Bobb, 10 and Cosman, 12

And the worst Cubs rookie cards is...

8 games total - Dunegan, 7, and Skidmore, 1. However, I must point out that Roe Skidmore got a hit in his one and  only MLB at bat and ends up with a career batting average of 1.000.

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