Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The 2017 Bowman Inserts

There are several Bowman inserts with a "70" on them.  One assumes that this is Bowman's 70th anniversary.

One would be wrong, since the first Bowman release was in 1948, which is 69 years ago.  And this isn't the 70th Bowman set, since the brand was gone from 1956 to 1988.  So why 70?  Who knows?

This is the Kris Bryant 1948 card.  Bowman was a minimalist back then.

Look at how the design went crazy in 1951 by adding the name!


And then there are these beauties from 1992, which mimic...


...these.  You don't suppose these guys got razzed by teammates because of these cards?

Here's the final Cubs inserts.  Question... Since Bowman is a prospects set, and all three of the guys have a Bowman 2017 prospect card, isn't it a little redundant to have an insert set called Talent Pipeline?  Isn't the 150 card prospect set the talent pipeline?


  1. Maybe it's implied that the basic prospect cards showcase up and coming prospects, but it doesn't spell it out as one snapshot in one single, shiny insert card.

  2. 70 for 70 years of Bowman, I guess. But you're right, it's weird to celebrate 70 years when the brand was dormant for for almost half that time.