Wednesday, May 31, 2017

2017 Pro Debut Cubs

Its time for the set with the most ridiculous name, Pro Debut.  There are five Cubs prospects in the set.  All five have had cards in previously released brands, including Pro Debut.  So I ask Topps my annual question: How can you call a set "Pro Debut" when the players are well past their pro debut?"

Pitcher Jen-Ho Tseng was in the 2015 Bowman.

Dylan Cease was in 2016 Heritage Minors and 2017 Bowman.

Trevor Clifton was in 2017 Bowman.

Ian Happ is in the major leagues already and was in 2016's Bowman, Heritage Minors, and Pro Debut along with 2017 Bowman.  There's a good chance he could end up in the flagship set's Update.  Pro Debut and Update in the same year -- crazy!

Eloy Jimenez was in last year's Pro Debut and this year's Bowman.


  1. There are no Pro Debut stamps on any of the cards this year.

  2. I agree. Makes no sense. I do like seeing the minor league duds though.