Wednesday, December 27, 2017

My Favorite Card of 2017

Tom over at Waiting Til Next Year is once again hosting a "Favorite  Card of the Year" contest. 

This was pretty easy for me.

My favorite is a card that Topps has never been able to print before, a World Series subset card that features the Cubs.

The World Series celebration that was 108 years in the making.

I may never see oa card like this again.  

I'm thrilled that I got at least one in my lifetime.


  1. Great choice! I still need to track down many of the 2017 cards celebrating the championship. I'm sure they'll find their way into dime boxes at shows before too long.

  2. Good pick! Lots of recognizable players on that card for years to come...and Trevor Cahill.

  3. Cool card. The Cubs have a better shot of seeing another card like this than my A's or Padres ;)