Saturday, December 23, 2017

Zenith From Chad

All of the cards in today's post were part of the package from Chad and they are all from the same brand, Pinnacle Zenith.

Zenith was around for four years, from 1995 - 1998.  The set varied in size from 50 - 150 cards.  Because of its small size, it was not a brand I chased when I put together my team sets.  But I recently decided to start hunting the little guys, and Chad gave me a great start with Zenith.

The brand's initial release was in 1995 and consisted of 150 cards.  The Cubs were not very good at that time and had just three cards in the set.  Chad sent me all three.


In 1996 the set remained at 150 cards, but the number of Cubs doubled.


Another Brooks Kieschnick sighting!

Chad got me more than half-way through Zenith.  A few clicks at Sportlots and I finished up the missing years.

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  1. I never bought packs of these as a teen because I preferred to spend money more wisely. Always loved the cards and picked up singles that I wanted