Tuesday, November 27, 2018

2018 Gallery Cubs

The 2018 version of Gallery was released a couple days ago.  The set has a checklist of 150 base cards and another 50 short prints. As it was last year, the only place you can buy it is at Walmart. 

I had an even dozen Cubs cards to chase.  I did seriously think about buy a couple boxes at Walmart.  But I did a little Ebay hunting and found a cheap Cubs base set.  That took care of eight of the twelve cards.  The four short prints came via Ebay and Sportlots.  In the end, by skipping the Walmart purchase  I saved money, avoided the frustration of not getting all the Cubs, and wasn't left with a stack of cards I didn't want or need.

Gallery's gimmick it cards that feature original paintings of the players.  There were four different artists responsible for Cubs cards, show I show the cards one artist at a time.

FIrst up is artist Carlos Cabaleiro, who had just this one card of Ernie Banks.


Dan Bergren created the artwork for five of the Cubs.


These three are the handiwork of Kris Penix.


Kevin Graham is the artist for the final three Cubs.

Do you have a favorite artist among the four?  Here is one from each of the four, from left to right, Cabaleiro, Bergren, Penix, and Graham.

I'm voting for Dan Bergren, the Baez card.  His work seems to be the most realistic looking, which is the style I prefer.


  1. Why Drew Smyly...? He has never pitched for the Cubs and hasn't thrown an MLB pitch since 2016.

  2. I the likenesses of the players in this year's set (overall) are much better than the rebooted version last year.
    Personally, I'm having difficultly finding differences between the artistic styles, which I think is a good thing. So, no favorite artist for me!