Saturday, November 3, 2018

Bowman's Turn

It's Bowman's turn today.

The Bowman run is 37 years, though with a major gap.  My first run stretches from 1949 - 1955.  Even though is is a short seven year span, I couldn't get through with just one player.

From there we jump ahead 34 years to Bowman's reincarnation by Topps in 1989.  I thought I'd be able to use Mark Grace through 2000, but for some reason he was not included in the 1995 set.  He was in Bowman Best, but not regular Bowman.  Sammy Sosa picked things up and then it took three more players to make it to 2018.

The early designs were very plain until the TV set in 1955.  When Topps brought the set back they too used some plain designs early on.  Team logos didn't appear until the 1995 set.  Black showed up in 1997 and then was a predominant color until white replaced it in 2012.

Here are the seven players to run through the brand:
1949 - 1953, Phil Cavarretta
1954 - 1955, Frank Baumholtz
1989 - 1994, Mark Grace
1995 - 2004, Sammy Sosa
2005 - 2010, Carlos Zambrano
2011 - 2015, Starlin Castro
2016 - 2018, Kris Bryant


  1. The 1990 set is my favorite out of the bunch... real cardboard, white border with a nice frame, and an emphasis on the player photo. Too much going on with 2018 design for my liking.

  2. 1951 is hands down my favorite Bowman set. Beautiful set.