Thursday, November 1, 2018

Full Fleer

So have you ever wondered what all of the modern era Fleer designs looked like?

Wonder no more.

I'm taking a look at the modern Fleer era, from 1981 through 2007, a run of 27 years.

The designs featured....

  • a Cubs logo on 19
  • borders on 22
  • autographs on just 2
  • Player's position on 25

My goal when making the tile was to use as few players as possible.  I ended up with four players spanning the 27 sets....

  • Bill Buckner 1981-1984
  • Ryne Sandberg 1985-1994
  • Sammy Sosa 1995-2004
  • Derrek Lee 2005-2007


  1. I'm able to identify all of them up to 1992. 1993 to 2001... I can identify the majority. 2002 to 2007? None.

  2. I can go up through '94... but that's when I got of collecting and I didn't get back in until '09. All of those years after '94 are unknown to me. I recognize many of the designs, but no way I could place the year.