Friday, November 16, 2018

Topps Colorization Screw-up

As I mentioned yesterday, this card of Ernie features a colorized card. That is something that I thought Topps should have been doing for a long time.  There are so many black and white pictures of older players that could be used by colorizing, instead of using the limited number of color pictures over and over.

But then again, Topps has a way of taking a good idea and messing it up.

This is the original picture.  On May 30, 1970, the Cubs honored Ernie by presenting him with this trophy.  He had hit his 500th home run 18 days earlier.  

You can see how Topps really cropped the picture to include just Ernie. They also removed the man presenting the trophy and the Andy Frain usher behind the trophy. 

Then they colorized it.

And screwed it up.

Did you find the mistake?  To any eagle-eyed Cub fan, it is a glaring mistake.

The circle around the Cubs logo is red.

It is supposed to be blue.

It has been blue during the entire Topps era.  Yet the Topps artist makes it red.  And not one person at Topps notices the error.

What horrible quality control!

It took me three clicks to correct the card.


  1. Other than the circle, the Photoshopper did a really good job eliminating all the other riff raff in the photo. Likely they spent all their time eyeballing the Andy Frain employee and the knuckles on the trophy to make sure those were gone. Good catch on the coloring. And not surprising they botch a vintage Cubs card. Most of the 100 Years of Wrigley set was slapped together without much attention, so at least they are consistent.

  2. Nice catch. I never would have noticed the mistake... but then again... I'm not a Cubs fan. Maybe there is a blue circle version out there... but it's one of those silly super duper, ultra rare short prints.

  3. Say, what set is the other Banks card from? Is that the McCarthy set, or one of the scd price guide inserts?

    1. it is from the 1986 Sports Design Product set. The cards feature the work of J.D. McCarthy.