Monday, November 26, 2018

Living Set Javier Baez

Cub card #6 in the Living Set has arrived.

Baez was added a couple weeks ago.  The print run for his card is 4,499.  That put the run in the bottom third.  When the Living Set came out, print runs were in the 6000 - 8000 range.  In the last month, most cards haven't cracked the 5,000 mark.

Are the lower print runs due to the baseball season being over or are collectors losing interest in the Living Set.

Will the Living Set keep living or will Topps kill it?


  1. I think the early runs are inflated because of what happened with Topps NOW when it was released. Print runs were so low for the early cards and the prices went through the roof. I think the collecting community took notice and tried to cash in with the Living set. (Just pure speculation on my part.)

  2. IMHO, I think the Living set will run for at least one more year. Topps hasn't had all of their monster players make the set yet (Bryant, Trout, Kershaw, etc) so I would think they would play through one more year to at least get their big names all in. They also had big interest last year from their huge rookies all making it in early (Ohtani, Acuna, Torres) and got in Soto later. They still have a couple monster rookies coming up who can help boost interest in Guerrero Jr. and Jimenez, plus others like Tatis Jr. if he makes the bigs, and plenty of MLB stars that didn't make the first year. And some legends could easily make the list if Topps still has the rights (?) like Nolan Ryan, Tony Gwynn, Cal Ripken Jr., Willie Mays, etc.

  3. One other thought - there are still a host of Red Sox, Yankees, Cubs, Astros and Dodgers players that aren't in the set to entice the regional surging.

  4. I think it'll last at least another year or two, unless the print runs really drop. Maybe the artist will get tired of doing the art, but I have a hard time imagining that, unless Topps isn't paying well. There are still plenty of popular current and retired players to put in the set, as well as each year's crop of hot rookies.